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Delivery & Installation Policy

  1. After a sale has been invoiced and payment received, customer will be required to fill out a delivery survey for location access information.
  2. An authorized point of contact must be at the site of the delivery at the scheduled time to accept delivery, instruct placement and sign off on paperwork.
  3. Due to Covid-19 precautions, all members at the delivery site are required to wear a mask and practice social distance at all times.
  4. Customer is liable for taking accurate measurements of hallways, doors, entries, stairs and other access points and required to be disclosed in the delivery survey.
  5. In the event that inaccurate survey information leads to a failure to deliver, customer is subject to additional re-delivery and pickup/extraction fees starting at $250.
  6. If there is a fault in the equipment based on manufacturer error, the product can be returned and a credit equal to the purchase price be applied towards another product.
  7. In circumstance of manufacturer error and request for refund, the restocking fee difference will be received as a rebate 30 days after the return date.
  8. Products can be returned for a 20% restocking fee. See our Return Policy for more info.