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Delivery Survey

Due to the nature of handling heavy fitness equipment, we require certain information about the delivery site such as dimensions of doors and hallways so that we can safely deliver and install your equipment.

Please have a tape measure handy.

In the event that the information provided is inaccurate and results in a failure to deliver, you may be subject to additional fees. See our Delivery and Installation Policy and Return Policy for more information.

Step 1 of 7 - Invoice #

Step 2 of 7 - Delivery Info

We require certain details and information so that our technicians can be prepared for the specific circumstances of your delivery site.

Step 3 of 7 - Main Entrance

The best entrance for delivery, whether it is a front, side or back entryway.

Step 4 of 7 - Inside Buiding

Once we enter the building/residence, what does the access look like?

Step 5 of 7 - Final Room

The last part of the delivery, are there any final obstacles in the way?

Step 6 of 7 - Special Notes

Communicate with the delivery and logistics team by leaving a note with details regarding the site of delivery and any other relevant information.

Step 7 of 7 - Confirmation

Please make sure that the information you provided is accurate so that the delivery goes as smooth as possible.