Preventive Maintenance

Extend the life of your equipment and ensure a maximum return on investment with a Fitness Equipment Preventative Maintenance Program from Gym Tech.

As a leader in premium fitness equipment services, we offer the most comprehensive preventive maintenance program in the industry designed to keep your equipment running like new.

Our preventive maintenance program will ensure that your equipment is working safely, efficiently and reduce not only the frequency but also the overall cost of repairs.


Why do I need a preventive maintenance program for my equipment?

From the time of purchase, it is necessary to have a preventive maintenance agreement even though the equipment is under manufacturer warranty since that only covers the cost and installation of replacement parts after the fact once something breaks.

Every manufacturer has a suggested Preventative Maintenance Schedule that should be performed from the day you first received your equipment but unless you have a dedicated technician responsible for these task, it will often be neglected which allows your equipment to fall into disrepair.

To avoid the headache and save you the trouble of down time, Gym Tech offers a customized maintenance program designed for your specific needs. 

How does the preventive maintenance program work?

During each preventative maintenance visit, ALL equipment covered under the agreement will have its exterior and interior thoroughly cleaned, inspected for safety, lubricated and adjusted according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Upon the completion of our visit, we will complete a Preventative Maintenance Checklist that will indicate any need for repairs that were discovered to avoid any downtime in your facility.

Gym Tech fitness equipment technicians are fully trained and certified by the major fitness equipment brands to provide you the highest quality of service.

Who should get a preventive maintenance program?

Any fitness facility, whether a commercial gym or a private home, should have a preventive maintenance program.

Our fitness equipment technicians can handle the repair and maintenance of any machine and we serve all industries across residential, commercial gyms, corporate offices, fitness centers, health clubs, hotels, condos, apartments, schools, sports teams, government agencies and more.

Create a safe workout environment for your members to limit potential liability and increase client retention.

Get the most comprehensive protection for your equipment to ensure a maximum return on your investment.

Put an end to “Out-of-Order” signs and avoid costly repairs with a preventive maintenance program from Gym Tech!

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