Product Safety

Product Safety & Government Regulations

All consumer products, including gym equipment, are subject to regulation by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Whenever a product becomes a known hazard, the CPSC will take action, such as product recalls, news releases or, in extreme cases, legal action. If you regularly use gym equipment, whether at home or in the gym, you should remain alert to CPSC news releases regarding gym equipment safety issues. The CPSC also maintains a database of its news releases online that you can search to determine if there have been any safety issues with gym equipment you are considering to purchase or use at your gym.

Industry Safety Standards

A gym equipment manufacturer concerned with product safety will not only follow government regulations but also adhere to the best standards recognized in the industry. Non-governmental, private organizations are devoted to overseeing the safety, reliability and quality of consumer products, such as the Industrial Organization for Standardization, known internationally as ISO. If you are looking to purchase gym equipment for home use, you should inquire about whether the equipment manufacturer is certified by the ISO as using the best standards for design and manufacture of the equipment. This information should be readily available from the equipment’s packaging, or from the distributor or retailer of the equipment.

Safe Equipment Use

As part of your safe use of gym equipment, always look to see that the equipment is secure before using it. This applies to home equipment and gym equipment. If you find the equipment is unstable, rattles in an unusual manner or has loose parts, you should not use it. Call an exercise equipment repair company such as Gym Tech, and repair your fitness equipment before using it again. Also, you should know the proper technique for using the equipment before using it to avoid injury. If you plan on purchasing the equipment for home use, you should try it first to ensure it is right for your needs.

Workout Area

Do not overlook the condition of the workout area before attempting to use gym equipment. In particular, inspect the flooring to note whether it is free from spills, tripping hazards or damaged surfaces. Also, inspect the area to determine that you have sufficient area to perform your exercises using the equipment so that you are free from obstruction by other objects or persons.


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