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A collection of our articles about fitness equipment to use as a reference and resource. Learn about maintaining and repairing your equipment as well as important news and information in the fitness equipment industry.

Now that it is time to reopen, what are the necessary precautions for gyms and fitness centers to take in order to keep members and staff safe from the virus? The Coronavirus pandemic has devastated the world economy and caused a lot of disruption in our everyday lives. Gyms and fitness centers have been closed […]

Is it safe to return to the gym? The quarantine has many people anxious and eager to start hitting the gym again but the fitness industry will be forever changed by the Coronavirus pandemic. How do you maintain social distancing while also ensuring you get a proper workout? Is it best to workout on your […]

MAINTENANCE AFFECTS EVERYONEMembers go to your fitness center to work out. If they can’t work out because the equipment is broken, then your facility isn’t fulfilling its primary purpose. To members, seeing “out of order” signs on equipment represents a failure on the part of the fitness center; they’ll either complain or, worse, go to […]

Product Safety & Government Regulations All consumer products, including gym equipment, are subject to regulation by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Whenever a product becomes a known hazard, the CPSC will take action, such as product recalls, news releases or, in extreme cases, legal action. If you regularly use gym equipment, whether at home […]

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