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StairMaster 4G Stepmill w/ LCD Display

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StairMaster 4G Stepmill with LCD Display: Your Stairway to Fitness

Introducing the StairMaster 4G Stepmill with LCD Display, a revolutionary piece of fitness equipment that combines traditional stair climbing with advanced technology. This machine is an excellent addition to any home gym or professional fitness facility, offering a unique and effective workout experience.

Key Features:

Advanced LCD Display

Engage in your workouts like never before with the advanced LCD display. This user-friendly interface allows you to monitor your workout progress, access pre-set programs, and customize your exercise routine for a more personalized and effective session.

Real Stair-Climbing Motion

Feel the burn of real stair climbing with this state-of-the-art Stepmill. Designed to mimic the motion of climbing actual stairs, it provides an excellent cardiovascular workout while also strengthening and toning your lower body muscles.

Personalized Fitness Journey

No matter your fitness level, the StairMaster 4G Stepmill is ready to accommodate. Its adjustable settings ensure that beginners and advanced users alike can tailor their workout intensity for a safe, effective, and challenging exercise routine.

Robust Construction

Built to last, the StairMaster 4G Stepmill is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and consistent performance. This robust construction makes it a reliable choice for any fitness enthusiast or commercial gym operator.

Space-Saving Design

The Stepmill’s compact design makes it a perfect fit for any space, large or small. Its sleek, modern appearance will complement any fitness setting, adding a professional touch to your workout area.

Integrated Heart Rate Monitoring

Stay in your optimal training zone with the integrated heart rate monitoring system. This feature allows you to track your heart rate during workouts, helping you to maximize your fitness results safely and effectively.

Environmentally Friendly

With energy efficiency in mind, this Stepmill not only provides an excellent workout but does so with minimal environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious fitness enthusiasts.

Comprehensive Warranty for Peace of Mind

The StairMaster 4G Stepmill with LCD Display comes with a comprehensive warranty, reflecting our confidence in its quality and durability. Rest assured, your investment is protected, allowing you to focus solely on reaching your fitness goals.

Embark on a new fitness journey with the StairMaster 4G Stepmill with LCD Display. Whether you aim to enhance your cardiovascular health, build strength in your lower body, or add variety to your workout regime, this machine is your perfect fitness partner. Step up to your fitness goals today!

Additional Information

Additional information

Manufacturer Description

Answering the call for a StepMill that can fit into more spaces and reach more users, we are excited to introduce the much anticipated StairMaster 4G. As the newest addition to the StairMaster family, the 4G delivers the same heart-pounding StepMill workout with a great calorie burn through a low-impact stair climb. Designed to fit perfectly into hospitality, boutique, and Multihousing training centers, the 4G has harnessed the quality members have experienced over the past 4 years with the 10G and the recently launched 8Gx. With a footprint of 54” x 29” and a height clearance of only 8 feet, the 4G is the solution this market has been missing.

Available with a variety of OpenHub console options, safety-stop sensor and a redesigned handrail system that supports multiple climbing positions and includes integrated speed and stop controls for a better user
experience. Additionally, the service panel removes with 4 fasteners, allowing for easy access to drive train and electronics.

Choose between 4 Series 10″ LCD, 10″ Touchscreen and 15″ Embedded OpenHub family of consoles.
Recommended Ceiling Height: 8′ (2.44m)
Handrail design features integrated speed controls, stop button and contact heart rate grips
Step Up Height: 14in (36cm) to first flat step
Step Surface: 10in x 18in (27cm x 46cm)
Step Height: 7in (18cm)
Step Rate: 20 Levels ranging from 24-162 steps per minute

Bluetooth connectivity for user workout data tracking with the OpenHub 15″ embedded screen
Telemetry and contact HR
USB charging port
HDMI streaming available with 15″ display
Personal cooling fans create a more rewarding workout
Bottle holder and accessory rack for personal devices
10″ LCD displays pre-wired for 8 Series PVS entertainment, 800/900mHZ receivers, and tablet holder
Powder Coated Steel Frame


Width: 29in (74cm)
Length: 54in (137cm)
Height: 64in (163cm)
Max User Weight: 350lb (159kg)
Product Weight: 348 LBS (158 KG)



Gym Tech Fitness product manuals can be downloaded from our dedicated Fitness Equipment Manuals Page.


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