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Precor Discovery Plate-Loaded Low Row

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The Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded Line Low Row is designed to replicate the motion of a bent-over dumbbell row. The independent movement arms and diverging pulling angles increase the range of motion of the exercise. The unsupported movement of the Low Row engages the lower back and core to improve balance and functional strength. The Low Row is designed to mimic the motion of a bent-over dumbbell row to provide a more stabilized workout for users movement arms move independently at an optimal angle to increase the user's range of motion. This not only ensures proper muscle activation but encourages users to engage the core at the same time. The pulling handles allow for multiple grip angles which provide variety in a workout.

  • Designed to replicate motion of bent-over dumbbell row
  • Promotes increase range of motion and core strength
  • Multi grip handles provide exercise variety

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 344 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 50.5 × 67 in

Technical Specifications

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Precor Discovery Plate-Loaded Low Row


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