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Precor Discovery Olympic Squat Rack

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The heavy-duty Discovery™ Series Olympic Squat Rack allows for easy user access with multiple bars catches to ensure proper take-off and secure catch positions. The 10-degree upright angle ensures clear access for performing proper lifts. The dual front catches allow for deadlifts and other exercises. A strong, bold design allows for heavy-duty use. The 10-degree angle of the frame ensures easy Olympic Bar access and secure catch positions. High impact polyurethane wear guards protect the Olympic Bars and the Squat Rack and are segmented for quick and easy replacement. Multiple bar catch positions allow for easy access and racking of weights. The wide, stable platform provides easy entrance and exit.

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 273 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 64 × 74.5 in

Technical Specifications

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Precor Discovery Olympic Squat Rack


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