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Precor Discovery Olympic Incline Bench

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The Discovery™ Series Olympic Incline Bench provides a more secure benching experience by positioning the spotter on the ground, where they are more stable. The low-profile bench accommodates a wide range of users in a comfortable, stable "three-point" stance. Low profile bench seat design keeps the spotter on the ground where they have greater stability. The bench to angled upright relationship and adjustable, tapered seat accommodates a variety of user sizes in a position that allows for unencumbered lifting while minimizing external shoulder joint rotation. The conveniently positioned weight storage horns ensure close proximity to desired weight plates. The weight storage horn design accommodates all Olympic and Bumper style plates without overlap, providing quick and easy access.

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 221 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 65 × 55 in

Technical Specifications

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Precor Discovery Olympic Incline Bench


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