Hurricane Impact on Gyms: Water Damage and Gym Flooding

Many residential and commercial properties in the NY-tri state area have suffered damage from Hurricane Henri and Ida. These natural disasters have caused significant damage to gyms, particularly in the form of gym flooding and gym equipment water damage.

Flooding from hurricanes can leave behind millions of dollars in damage to gym flooring and equipment. When gyms are flooded, their fitness equipment can become severely damaged or even destroyed. Gym flooding can lead to extensive water damage to treadmills, ellipticals, and other pieces of gym equipment, especially when exposed to saltwater.

Saltwater can cause rust and degradation of delicate moving parts, as well as damage to the internal components of motherboard circuitry, which are integral to the functionality of gym equipment. In many cases, the cost of repairs is very high due to the need to replace multiple components. Moreover, it’s difficult to guarantee that the flood damage won’t cause additional problems in the future.

In situations like these, the safest and best option is to replace the damaged gym flooring and equipment with new, high-quality products. For those with flood insurance, the cost of repairing and replacing damaged gym flooring and equipment can be reimbursed.

Hurricanes such as Irene in 2011 and Sandy in 2012 left many gyms devastated, including the Metropolis Towers Apartments in Jersey City. Their gym facilities experienced severe gym flooding during Hurricane Irene, resulting in the need to replace all the damaged equipment and redo their entire rubber gym flooring due to saltwater seepage.

Removing wet, saltwater-soaked rubber gym flooring that smells like fish is no easy task. However, thanks to their flood insurance, the Metropolis Towers Apartments were able to cover the cost of purchasing brand new fitness equipment and gym flooring to replace everything that was destroyed. This allowed them to get their gym back up and running as quickly as possible, returning to normalcy for their residents.

As hurricanes continue to grow more powerful, gyms are at an increased risk of gym flooding and gym equipment water damage in the future. Prevention and insurance are essential, but it’s also crucial to know how to recover from flood damage to your gym.

Gym Tech has been assisting with gym flooding recovery since Hurricane Irene in 2011. If your gym suffers from flood damage, our experienced team is here to help. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you restore your gym to its former glory, from replacing damaged gym flooring to providing expert advice on choosing new equipment.

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