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Home Gym Equipment During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Shelter in place orders keeping you stuck at home and away from the gym? Consider investing in home gym equipment from Gym Tech!

Are you afraid of going back to the gym and exposing yourself to the risk of contracting Coronavirus?

During the stay at home lockdown with businesses forced to close, many people suddenly found themselves unable to work out with the equipment that they need.

The sales of home gym equipment have been unprecedented during this time as everyone turns to find their own solutions with gyms and fitness centers closed.

If you find yourself longing for some serious workout equipment, consider investing in a home gym.

Gym Tech has some tips for finding the home gym equipment that is right for you!

Gym Tech has always offered Home Gyms on our website and have sold and installed many of them in the past however, with the Coronavirus pandemic keeping everyone at home, we have shifted our main focus and priority to providing Home Gym solutions to help fill the current demands of our customers.


The most standard workout equipment, a set of dumbbells and/or kettlebells. These weights will provide you the necessary load for your muscles to build your strength. When it comes to Dumbbells you have options of the rounded Pro Style or Hex Style and a choice between Urethane, Rubber, or Cast Iron. With kettlebells, your options are more limited in style between only Urethane or Cast Iron.

Many suppliers are completely sold out and on backorder for these weights due to the unprecedented demand so don't expect to be able to find any soon, especially if you are looking to only make a small order. Gym Tech recommends purchasing an entire set of either dumbbells or kettlebells since it will be easier to fulfill and suppliers tend to prefer larger orders.


An alternative to using weights is to use resistance instead. Resistance bands have been popular for those who have injuries or are otherwise trying to increase their strength while avoiding putting too much stress on their body such as for rehabilitation or for the elderly.

Resistance bands are simpler to manufacture and thus are more easily available from suppliers. When looking to purchase resistance bands look to get a complete set of varying resistance to provide you the full spectrum of variance to suit various workouts and as your strength levels increase.


Not all at-home workouts require strength training via weights or resistance bands; yoga and stretching are good training too. One of the simplest additions to your home workout which can also be used for a variety of exercises is a quality yoga mat. You can not only use this mat for your yoga poses and stretching but it is also a comfortable base for you to do bodyweight exercises on such as pushups and situps.

A Bosu ball is a less common item to find in a home gym but this is also a very useful piece of equipment. It is great to use in place of a bench to do workouts on as well as allow for stability and balance training exercises.


These are the two greatest staples of fitness equipment for bodybuilders. Your maximum bench press and your maximum squat are two numbers that so many bodybuilders are obsessed with. A solid bench press and squat rack look great in any home gym and provide a limitless amount of strength training potential.

It should go without saying that these two pieces of equipment require a considerable amount of space and will cost a pretty penny.


You can't have a bench press or squat rack without the necessary tools to utilize them. A solid 45lb Olympic Bar and a set of Olympic Plates are absolutely necessary in order to use these pieces of equipment.

When it comes to the Olympic Bars there is a decent variety out there for you to choose, from the tensile strength to the stained oxide finish. Olympic Plates come in sizes of 2.5 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs, and 45lbs (with a few other less common integers) in either Urethane, Rubber or Cast Iron. With Olympic Plates you also have to consider whether you will be powerlifting and if you require Bumper Plates instead.


Ah, now that you have your bench press and squat rack as well as all the desired bars and free weights, you have the ultimate "garage gym" but you made one major oversight: the damage to your floor!

Something we don't want to think about when already making such large purchases of gym equipment, but protecting your investment and your property is essential so make sure you also invest in rubber flooring as well.


Dumbbells, kettlebells, and olympic plates laying around on the ground will get in the way and present a safety hazard in your home. Getting a dumbbell rack, kettlebell rack and olympic plate tree will go a long way to keeping your home gym organized and save you as much space as possible!


When it comes to home gyms, the focus is almost always primarily on strength training equipment alone. The available space in most homes is very limited so can only ever accommodate free weights and potentially a squat rack and bench press at most.

Hardly ever are cardio machines ever taken into consideration due to their larger footprint and electricity requirements making it more difficult to include in a home gym. If you find that your home is large enough to fit a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or rower then it will greatly increase the value that your home gym will provide.

That was a quick rundown of the different kinds of home gym equipment to consider for customers looking to make the investment. If you would like to shop for equipment to include in your home gym you can check out our store below. Also, if you intend to go back to the gym when the economy re-opens, check out our post on 7 Coronavirus Safety Tips For Returning To The Gym.