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Affordable Alternatives To Peloton Bikes

There's currently a lot of hype around the Peloton Bikes. Everybody's interested in the new fitness equipment on the market and their marketing campaign definitely helps to bring a lot of attention.

Peloton is a wonderful brand that offers a great bike (and now also a treadmill) however, one important thing to note is that this is not a commercial unit! At one point Peloton did try to sell this unit commercially but because of all the warranty complications and the overall build quality, they quickly realized that this is better suited as an in-home unit and stopped selling it commercially.

Due to its current popularity and marketing hype, everyone wants to experience using these machines but it is not feasible for gyms and fitness centers to invest in these units.

Similar features and more affordable, here are Gym Tech's suggestions for budget-friendly alternatives to the popular Peloton bike.

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In a situation where you want a Peloton Bike in your gym, condo, co-op, hotel, or any other commercial facility, your options a pretty limited if you are looking to provide a very similar experience for your members. There is the Stages: Les Mills Indoor Cycling bike. Les Mills is the global leader in group cycling classes and Stages is a brand of indoor cycling bikes. Together they have partnered to provide virtual cycling classes on the cycling bikes almost exactly the same as the Peloton Bikes offer.

The Les Mills Stages Cycling bike also requires a $40/mo subscription to the fitness classes.

The main difference with this unit is that it is designed to be commercial grade; it will be able to take the abuse of 24/7 activity as other equipment in a gym do. This is a commercial unit so it is also going to have a commercial warranty meaning it will last longer as well.

If you don't want to have that $40 a month subscription, which is very close to $500 a year per unit, you can go with a Life Fitness Group Exercise Bike instead.

The Life Fitness Indoor Cycling iC5, iC6, and iC7 are all great models of bikes.

You can also get the Life Fitness "MY RIDE" Tablet which allows you to have over 200 built-in cycling class programs at no additional cost. It won't be a live online group class instruction but it will still provide virtual classes and save you a lot of money on a monthly subscription.

These are our suggestions for comparable equipment to the Peloton Bikes. While this was written from the perspective of a commercial gym, anyone looking for a Peloton Bike alternative for their home can also use this information.

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