TRUE Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance Service

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Since their first treadmill’s debut in 1981, TRUE Fitness has lived by two principles: build the highest quality products and support them with superior service. Their most popular fitness machines include treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and stepper machines.

Our technicians are skilled in repairing and maintaining TRUE Fitness equipment.

TRUE Fitness Treadmill Repair

TRUE Fitness’s treadmills have promised to lead the fitness industry with innovative features that are comfortable, reliable, and easy to use. We perform maintenance and repair on all of TRUE Fitness’s well-known models:

  • 900 Treadmill
  • M30 Treadmill

TRUE Fitness Exercise Bike Repair

Have you noticed squeaky pedals on your TRUE Fitness exercise bike? We can help! Some popular models we’ve worked on include:

  • ES700 Recumbent Bike
  • 900 Recumbent Bike

TRUE Fitness Elliptical Repair

TRUE Fitness ellipticals are known for their smooth, natural motion during hard cardio workouts. We specialize in the maintenance and repair of TRUE Fitness ellipticals including:

  • Spectrum Elliptical
  • M50 Elliptical
  • XC900 Elliptical

TRUE Fitness Stepper Machine Repair

TRUE Fitness stepper machines take users to new heights during their fitness journey. We perform repair and maintenance on their most popular machine, the Palisade Climber.

TRUE Fitness Strength Equipment Repair

TRUE Fitness’s strength equipment is designed for facilities both big and small. If your machine requires a new bench or cable repair, our techs can help. Some models we service include:

  • XFT-900 Functional Trainer
  • Quickfit Pro

Maintaining Your TRUE Fitness Equipment

TRUE Fitness recommends that you regularly clean your treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and rowers. You should also keep an eye out for any loose parts and make sure that the equipment is kept in a safe environment.

If you’re interested in starting a service contract to maintain your TRUE Fitness equipment, please contact us about preventive maintenance for your fitness equipment.

If you have broken TRUE Fitness equipment that is out of warranty, we can diagnose and fix the problem. For machines still under warranty, check with your local technician to confirm they can help.

We do our best to find replacement parts but keep in mind that parts may be difficult to find, especially for older TRUE Fitness models.  It also may be cost-prohibitive to repair your machine if it is older. In this event, we recommend you invest in a new unit.

Check out our fitness equipment store to find a suitable replacement!