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Precor launched their first piece of fitness equipment in 1980 and the rest was history. From the introduction of the Crosstrainer to the revolutionary Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT), Precor has been constantly evolving and bringing breakthrough fitness products to the industry.

Our professional fitness equipment technicians are skilled at working with all types of Precor fitness equipment.

Precor Treadmill Repair

Precor treadmills are trusted by commercial gyms across the entire world. Great engineering and elegant design, you can’t go wrong with a Precor treadmill. We service all makes and models including:

  • 200 Series TRM Treadmill
  • 400 Series TRM Treadmill
  • 600 Series TRM Treadmill
  • 700 Series TRM Treadmill
  • 800 Series TRM Treadmill

Precor Exercise Bike Repair

Precor’s exercise bikes are one of the best in the industry. If you’re having some issues with your Precor exercise bike, we specialize in the repair and maintenance of all models, including:

  • 600 Series UBK & RBK Bikes
  • 700 Series UBK & RBK Bikes
  • 800 Series UBK & RBK Bikes

Precor Elliptical Repair

Precor ellipticals feel smooth, natural, and comfortable. If your elliptical is no longer feeling this way, call us to perform maintenance and/or repairs. Here are some of the most popular models we’ve worked on:

  • 600 Series EFX Crosstrainers
  • 700 Series EFX Crosstrainers
  • 800 Series EFX Crosstrainers

Precor Strength Equipment Repair

Precor has an extensive line of strength training machines that our technicians are trained to repair and maintain. Some models we have worked on include:

  • Discovery Series
  • Resolute Series
  • VitalitySeries
  • Icarian Series
  • Plate Loaded Equipment
  • Selectorized (Pin-Selected) Equipment

Maintaining Your Precor Fitness Equipment

Precor recommends that you regularly clean your treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and rowers. You should also keep an eye out for any loose parts and make sure that the equipment is kept in a safe environment.

If you’re interested in starting a service contract to maintain your Precor equipment, please contact us about preventive maintenance for your fitness equipment.

If you have broken Precor equipment that is out of warranty, we can diagnose and fix the problem. For machines still under warranty, check with your local technician to confirm they can help.

We do our best to find replacement parts but keep in mind that parts may be difficult to find, especially for older models.  It also may be cost-prohibitive to repair your machine if it is older. In this event, we recommend you invest in a new unit.

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