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Precor EFX 445 Precision Series Elliptical

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• Premium Home Series
• 15-40° Motorized CrossRamp®

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Experience the luxury of professional-grade fitness equipment in the comfort of your own home with the Precor EFX 445 Elliptical. This high-end model is designed to make you want to work out longer, harder, and more often by providing a natural, low-impact workout that minimizes strain on your body.

The Precor EFX 445 offers a wide range of training options, including adjustable incline and resistance levels, and is powered by a quiet, efficient motor. It features 23 preset and 16 custom workouts, allowing you to personalize your fitness routine.

Navigate your workout data with ease using the intuitive touch-screen interface. Access 27 workout metrics with over 7,500 ways to customize your metrics. Push yourself further with Suggested Workouts drawn from your goals and previous workout data.

Most ellipticals offer a fixed stride path that can feel unnatural. Precor’s patented technology adjusts the ramp angle to mimic your natural stride, providing a comfortable and effective workout.

Our patented design ensures a smooth, natural-feeling workout that reduces strain on your joints. Experience a consistent elliptical pattern that could extend your fitness life by reducing the toll taken on your body.

As one of the only ellipticals on the market to offer adjustable stride length, you can target different muscle groups and simulate various activities. Experience a fitness center-like workout at home with speeds of up to 12 MPH and a 56” running surface.

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Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 240 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 31 × 67 in

Gym Tech Fitness product manuals can be downloaded from our dedicated Fitness Equipment Manuals Page.


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Gym Tech Fitness Equipment Sales FAQ

Gym Tech Fitness partners with elite and reputable brands known for superior quality and durability, trusted by professional gyms and fitness centers worldwide.
Our products are designed for commercial use with robust construction and advanced technology, exceeding the quality of equipment found at big box retailers.
We serve a diverse clientele, ranging from commercial facilities to private home gyms, providing high-quality, commercial-grade equipment tailored to each client's needs.
Absolutely! We provide home gyms with robust and reliable equipment, along with personalized service to help select gear that fits your space and goals.
Our sales team excels in matching equipment to your specific space and requirements, ensuring seamless integration into your facility or home gym.
Definitely. We offer planning services to optimize your facility or home gym layout, ensuring safety and a superior user experience.
We pride ourselves on exceptional post-purchase support, including troubleshooting, part replacement, regular maintenance, and upgrades to keep your equipment in peak condition.
Our professional team manages all logistics, ensuring safe delivery and expert setup, for a seamless equipment installation experience.
Lead time varies by product and location, but we work diligently to expedite delivery and installation in coordination with your schedule.
We ensure you're fully confident in operating your equipment by providing on-site training, online resources, and continued support.
We offer warranty support and servicing, coordinating with manufacturers or certified technicians to address any issues promptly.
Yes, we offer customized maintenance programs, including periodic check-ups and preventative measures, to extend the equipment's life and performance.
Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, along with our specialization in high-end, commercial-grade equipment, sets us apart.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have numerous testimonials and references, with reviews available on our website and public platforms like Google.
Yes, we invite you to visit our showroom for a hands-on experience with our range of equipment. Contact us to arrange a visit.
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Precor EFX 445 Precision Series Elliptical

Original price was: $5499.Current price is: $2999.