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Precor Discovery Selectorized Biceps Curl

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Ease-of-use and reliability are core attributes of the Discovery™ Series Selectorized Line Biceps Curl. The ratcheting gas-assisted seat adjusts to fit a wide range of users. Handle grips are angled for proper exercise mechanics. A contoured arm pad with a leading edge allows for optimal support and comfort without restricting proper breathing. The angle of the handles ensures the user maintains proper hand and arm positioning throughout the range of motion, maximizing muscle engagement. The unique ratchet adjustment fits all users and allows the seat to be easily adjusted from the start position. The arm pad positions arms for maximum comfort and muscle efficiency, ensuring users get the most out of their workout.

  • Handle grips angled for proper exercise mechanics.
  • Ratcheting gas-assisted seat easily adjusts
  • Angled pad provides comfort and efficiency

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 434 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 44 × 59 in

Technical Specifications

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Precor Discovery Selectorized Biceps Curl


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