Paradigm Fitness Functional Trainer Comparison Guide

GX4 vs GX6 – Comparison


The GX6 includes a Pull Up Bar Assembly and therefore we made the entire frame from thicker steel and added reinforcing brackets to handle the stresses of a user hanging and swinging from the unit. The GX6 is also 1″ taller that the GX4 but may require a little extra space above the unit for the head when performing pull up/chin up exercises.

Weight Stack

Both units come with our Hybrid Weight Stack that adds approximately 60 lb. of variable resistance in addition to the weight plates. However, the GX4 comes with 130 lb. of plates (Peak = 190 lb. when the 60 lb. of variable resistance is engaged) vs the GX6’s 150 lb. (Peak = 210 lb.). The GX6 also provides the option of adding an extra 50 lb. of plates to total 200 lb. (Peak = 260 lb.) where the GX4 does not.


The GX6 includes extra accessories that can be used with the Pull Up Bar Assembly including a Long Strap for assisted Chin Ups/Pull Ups and a pair of Hanging Straps which can be used when performing abdominal exercises such as Leg Raises & Oblique Raises.


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