Hudson Steel Studio Inner/Outer Thigh Combo Machine

Studio Inner/Outer Thigh Machine is a versitle piece of equipment to give a trainer a highly effective thigh workout. The frame is constructed of extremely durable gauge steel, and is suitable for home or office professional use. For complete safety of the trainer, the weight stack of the Hudson Inner/Outer Thigh Machine is covered with safety shrouds made by the Hudson Edge quality control team. The quality nylon coated cables are tested under extreme rugged conditions to ensure safety specifications are met. The one inch chrome plated guide rods along with weight plate bushings provide smooth action to ensure a low impact workout. Hudson’s Inner/Outer Thigh Machine comes fully equiped with a workout diagram, a downloadable brochure, and owner’s manual from our company website. Excellent source for a full inner and outer thigh workout. Hudson proven dynamics that provide an ultra smooth rod system to ensure a great impact workout.


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